The Right Small Kitchen Appliance

Welcome to! Small appliances can do a multitude of tasks, don't let their name fool you. Take the tears out of chopping onions with a food processor or mini-chopper, mix bread dough with your food processor, make fresh sauces in the blender - the list could go on forever. How do you shop for small appliances? Price, brand, ease of use, warranty, ease of maintenance? All of these are important for sure. But the number one consideration should be what works best for you. But always buy the most appliance that you can afford, and those that will multi-task are always your best solution. It’s like hiring a maid who does dishes, cleans the sink, mops the floors, shines the wash basin, cleans the toilet, the tub, makes the bed, vacuums the rugs, and oh ya, one who does windows is a bonus.

Things to consider when buying small appliances:

Determine your cooking needs and wants – both current and future. Is your family growing or growing up and moving out? Are you interested in increasing your culinary endeavors? Are you wishing to simplify and reduce time in the kitchen? ...Continued on the next page.

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